Castrol, the world-leading manufacturer of lubricating oils and greases, engaged us to create and deliver a virtual sales conference and games-based learning programme.
Virtual sales conference
For Castrol, Nitrospark created a virtual world to host the company’s sales conference for both employees and customers – and to provide online sales training. The virtual environment also contained meeting rooms where people were able to conduct project planning and sales meetings with teams around the world. Moving to a virtual event delivered an 80% reduction in costs, by eliminating travel, accommodation and meeting expenses.

Games-based learning
Nitrospark also created a turn-based, decision-making game to help Castrol’s salespeople improve their skills. The game placed players into a range of sales situations, as a sales representative, with learners to meet goals before they could move on to the next level. The learning programme realised a 20% increase in sales.
Project details
Client Castrol
Solution Virtual world and games-based learning