NCR, a world-leading transactions company, engaged us to create and deliver a virtual sales conference and games-based learning programme.
Virtual sales conference
For NCR, Nitrospark created an immersive virtual world to host the company’s annual sales conference. This included a mix of live training sessions and persistent virtual rooms which people could visit at a time suitable for them – to participate in virtual networking sessions and download content. The virtual world ran for 14 days, extending the benefits of the sales conference. Around 1,000 employees attended. Moving from a physical 3-day event to a virtual 14-day event saved NCR around $1,600,000.

Sales games-based learning programme
Nitrospark created a games-based sales learning course for the event, which was taken by around 600 people, split into regional teams. Leaderboards were used to monitor team progress and build a sense of competition, until the best-performing team ‘won’.
Project details
Client NCR
Solution Virtual conference and games-based sales training programme