School of Medicine, University of Dundee
The University of Dundee, one of the UK's leading universities, engaged us to create a virtual campus and games-based learning programmes.
Dundee Medical School
Virtual campus room, University of Dundee
For the University of Dundee, Nitrospark created a virtual environment which allowed students to collaborate online and help integrate them into the university. The room also linked to the university’s matriculation process and tracked their progress – allowing them into the My Dundee portal once they were able to display the required level of knowledge.

Games-based learning, University of Dundee
Nitrospark developed a challenging games-based learning module, set within an immersive virtual world. Students had to work together to cross a river, using only available items (such as rocks). The programme had more than one outcome, but for each it was essential that students collaborated, planned and communicated. A debriefing session followed the module, to assess performance and alternative outcomes.

Games-based learning, University of Dundee School of Medicine
For the University of Dundee School of Medicine, Nitrospark delivered an immersive, problem-solving 3D simulation/game designed to build skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and numeracy. Within the virtual environment, the team had to work together, against the clock, to save a bridge from being destroyed. Completing the task was a significant challenge – and impossible without close teamwork. The same programme has been delivered successfully, and with outstanding feedback, to organisations in both the public and private sectors.
Project details
Client University of Dundee and University of Dundee School of Medicine
Solution Virtual world and Games-based learning programmes